Niles Safari Lodge


Niles Safari Lodge

Niles Safari Lodge

Nestled on the banks of the majestic Nile River, Nile Safari Lodge is an exquisite eco-lodge offering unparalleled luxury and breathtaking views within Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park. Imagine waking up to the mesmerizing panorama of the Nile, its waters teeming with hippos and crocodiles, while lush greenery stretches as far as the eye can see.

This intimate lodge boasts only 7 spacious and elegantly furnished safari tents and 1 villa, each designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Unwind in your private veranda, lulled by the symphony of exotic birds, or indulge in an open-air shower beneath a canopy of stars.

Beyond the luxurious accommodations, Nile Safari Lodge is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Embark on thrilling game drives and boat safaris through the park, searching for elephants, lions, giraffes, and chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Witness the awe-inspiring power of Murchison Falls, the Nile’s thunderous cascade, or take a tranquil sunset cruise, watching hippos graze along the riverbank.



Niles Safari Lodge


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