Nyungwe National Park

Explore Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park, situated in Africa, undeniably boasts one of the oldest and most awe-inspiring rainforests worldwide. This luxurious vibrant natural foliage is brimming with an astounding abundance of various wildlife, offering visitors an exclusive opportunity to immerse themselves in nature’s wonders.

Nyungwe’s rainforest is home to a thriving community of chimpanzees, critically endangered species, and other 12 primate species, including the rare and mesmerizing L’Hoest’s monkey, which is exclusively endemic to the Albertine Rift region. With 15 trails to explore, visitors can experience diverse and unique characteristics along the way.

Nyungwe National Park is a true natural treasure trove, waiting for discerning visitors to discover its myriad of attractions. The park promises an unforgettable experience, with primate tracking taking center stage as a must-do activity. However, for those with ample time to leisurely bask in the pristine ambiance, there is so much more to savor and enjoy in this lush sanctuary.

If you are a botanist, the 1,068 plant species available, including an impressive collection of over 140 orchids, will surely pique your interest and leave you awe-inspired. For bird enthusiasts, Nyungwe boasts an incredible array of over 322 bird species, including the majestic Red-collared Babbler, and 29 other Albertine Rift Endemic species, ensuring an unforgettable bird-watching experience. You will also be amazed by the presence of at least 120 butterfly species occupying the beautiful landscapes of Nyungwe.

The park is home to around 75 different mammal species ranging from the shy cerval cat, mongoose, congo clawless otter to the magnificent leopard. The mammals are rarely easy to spot and require a bit of luck even from the most astute visitors. So strap on your hiking boots and come to Nyungwe National Park for a truly remarkable adventure.


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